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Fractured Flickers 1963 American comedy series

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In early 1960s all American TV comedies were more or less all the same - either variety shows with stars or basic sitcoms about married couples. Only very few people were trying to do something completely different, one of such examples was program called Fractured Flickers that did not made much impact, but was innovative enough to influence other people.

So what were the Fractured Flickers? Basically they were old silent movies that were cut to pieces, mixed to fit a completely different story and put together with audio track. Sounds simple and straight-forward... And in fact they were simple and straight-forward as a concept, but at the same time the production was quite time-consuming (it took 2 years to make a single season of Fractured Flickers). Too introduce the idea of the show and be a continuity announcer the creators used experienced actor Hans Conried as a host. His job was also quite simple - all he had to do is introduce some of the flickers, make some fun of the show and take part in sort-of interviews with the star guests. While he was suppose to be an addition to the main part of the flickers in practice his segments were often funnier than the flickers themselves.

The idea for the show was original and later inspired one show that did made the impact: Mystery Science Theatre 3000 (MST3K). Of course the details are quite different - in MST3K the bits were added to existing dialogue, the characters are visible on the screen while they watch old movie, but overall they have improved the concept of Fractured Flickers by using the worst available movies (most of which were made after Fractured Flickers were on the air). Unfortunately while Fractured Flickers had refreshing concept the main part of the show, the flickers themselves, were often of average quality, rushed or not really thought through (especially in late episodes).


  • While the animation intro of Fractured Flickers shows 1961 the series was not finished and published until 1963.

Fractured Flickers 1963 American comedy series american comedy mst3k mystery science

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