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NewsRadio the ill-fated American sitcom

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There were few comedy series that gave the opportunity to take a look what is going on behind the media that we know - television, radio, newspapers. NewsRadio was created by Paul Simms, who previously worked as author for Late Night with David Letterman, which gave him the insight into the media and sitcom The Larry Sanders Show (which was sort of parody of David Letterman).

Becker 1998-2003 sitcom

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For many people 1990s were in United States the golden era for sitcoms, there were such titles as Seinfeld, Friends, Drew Caret Show or Everybody Loves Raymond, to name just few. But not only the most widely known and remembered titles were top quality productions - there were titles such as Suddenly Susan, The Naked Truth, Caroline in the City, Frasier and many others that gathered a lot of audience and still are entertaining after the years. Becker is one of such sitcoms.

Lateline 1998 American sitcom

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Lateline creator Al Franken was in a past a comedian, writer for Saturday Night Live, he was an actor, but then he became an active politician and right now is US Senator. Lateline was his first stab at creating a sitcom, because in the past he was usually writer or co-author of the scripts. Unfortunately Lateline was a disaster...

Drew Carey Show American sitcom 1995-2004

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Drew Carey, the Assistant Director of Personnel in Winfred-Louder department store in Cleveland, is unhappy with his job, lack of any hope to be promoted, lack of choices to change his life. And yes, it is a comedy, and for some time it was the top-level comedy.

Ned and Stacey 1995 American sitcom

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Just imagine that you finally got the chance to create your own sitcom, it is mid-1990s, the golden era of sitcoms in US, you get a star from another sitcom booked to be in the cast, you get the perfect spot between two most popular shows in recent years (The Simpsons and The X-Files), you have no sitcoms competition in your spot and all you have to do is come up with the perfect idea for the show. I bet your choice would not be "two complete strangers pretend to be married to solve their puny problems". Well, but that’s what Michael J. Weithorn did in 1995...

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