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For many people 1990s were in United States the golden era for sitcoms, there were such titles as Seinfeld, Friends, Drew Caret Show or Everybody Loves Raymond, to name just few. But not only the most widely known and remembered titles were top quality productions - there were titles such as Suddenly Susan, The Naked Truth, Caroline in the City, Frasier and many others that gathered a lot of audience and still are entertaining after the years. Becker is one of such sitcoms.

John Becker, even though he is Harvard graduate ended up almost broke and running a small practice in New York City. Although he was never a people-person he became cynical and bitter after his divorce. He left his job and moved to Bronx, where only four people are able to live with his temper and general attitude - the nurse Margaret that runs his practice, Linda, who... is around the practice but doesn’t do much, Reggie, who runs a obsolete diner where Becker spends the free time and blind Jake, who is the only person actually considering Becker as friend.

One of the best American sitcoms, in many ways similar to style of British series with down-to-earth characters, cynical humour and great chemistry between the cast. Unfortunately after season 4 creators and producers tried to bring a new life into the series and ended up destroying Becker completely - first they dropped one main character Reggie, replaced it with Chris, played by Nancy Travis, which destroyed the chemistry.

Unfortunately with that change they tried to discover the romance between Becker and Chris, which was so out of character that the series was cancelled in the middle of season 6, which was a shame, but just like in case of other sitcoms the change of main characters turns out to be vital factor in keeping the audience.


  • After season 5 the character of Bob, played by Saverio Guerra, was replaced by new character played by Jorge Garcia (later one of stars of Lost).

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