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Drew Carey Show American sitcom 1995-2004

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Drew Carey, the Assistant Director of Personnel in Winfred-Louder department store in Cleveland, is unhappy with his job, lack of any hope to be promoted, lack of choices to change his life. And yes, it is a comedy, and for some time it was the top-level comedy.

The Drew Carey Show 1995 comedy series' title='Drew Carey Show 1995 comedy series' target=_blank>Drew Carey Show started in the American "golden era" for sitcoms - in the middle of 1990s, where such titles as Friends, Seinfeld, Frasier or even Caroline in the City had average of between 15 and 30 millions of viewers per episode. This series was creation of Drew Carey, who also played the main character based on his life experience, and writer Bruce Helford (who later created quite successful The Norm Show).

Drew Carey shows the life of average American stuck in dead-end job, who has no luck in love life and no money to actually change his life. But the only thing he can count on is his friends - sexy Kate, goofy Oswald and seriously weird Lewis. First season offered some really great scripts, plenty of great jokes - it was magnificent start for the duo of creators, who so far had very little success in the past.

The hanging out in the Warsaw Tavern, the great put-downs duels with Mimi, the wacky ideas they all have, the great atmosphere - everything was there and everything worked great. But then suddenly since season 2 Drew Carey Show suddenly dropped the level of the scripts, the plots were usually more "office humour" or not that funny pranks rather than the odd and hilarious sense of humour that it was before. And with each season the level was dropping a bit - I mean yes, there were great jokes from time to time, there were great ideas for some of the episodes, but it was all sub-par comparing to season 1 (like musical episodes, improv episodes, spot the error episodes - I guess they were more fun for the actors than for the viewers).

Nevertheless they kept filming season after season, changing all the characters (like Drew changing from loveable loser to guy who has different girlfriend in almost every episode). Sitcom had its "jump the shark" moment at the end of season 6 when the main character was in coma for 2 episodes - from that point it was almost unwatchable with weird ideas or cliche plots. The end of the series was quite sad actually - the setting was changed again, this time with Drew working in a different company and with office based plots, poor writing and Drew Carey working already working on different projects it was only a faint shadow of its greatness.


  • Only the first season was released on DVD or digitally. The other eight seasons have never been fully released on digital or DVD, some of them were included in a The Best Of Drew Carey Show 1995 comedy series' title='Drew Carey Show 1995 comedy series' target=_blank>Drew Carey Show set.

Drew Carey Show American sitcom 1995-2004 american sitcoms department store cleveland average guy

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