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Lateline 1998 American sitcom

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Lateline creator Al Franken was in a past a comedian, writer for Saturday Night Live, he was an actor, but then he became an active politician and right now is US Senator. Lateline was his first stab at creating a sitcom, because in the past he was usually writer or co-author of the scripts. Unfortunately Lateline was a disaster...

The cast of Lateline was quite impressive, with Miguel Ferrer, Al Franken, and Robert Foxworth as male leads and young Megyn Price' title='Megyn Price' target=_blank>Megyn Price as their female counterpart, also quite few well known figures made cameos (including later Secretary of State John Kerry), the premise of look over the shoulder of late-night news show staff seemed interesting enough. But even the pilot episode was rather dry, the first episodes of the series also gave very little idea what was the basic concept of that sitcom. On one hand it was suppose to be a look backstage how news show is made, but it seems that very little of the stories were actually about the show, most of the time it was usual office gossip and the character were concentrating on the backstage little games than the work itself. It would work fine if the character were well developed, but they werenĺt and after just that few episodes it was obvious that Lateline was going nowhere.

After hiatus Lateline returned to a second season, which was quite a surprise - NBC ordered full season even despite the fact that the test season of 6 episodes was rather mediocre. And as it is quite usual in TV networks after just 6 episodes of second season the sitcom was simply cancelled and 7 finished episodes were never even aired.

Lateline could have been a decent sitcom, but something went horribly wrong while the series was developed and the final product was a half-baked mush of simplified characters and that interesting office scenes.


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