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Archer 2009 American animated sitcom

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Sterling Archer has a lot of flaws - he drinks too much, he is a womanizer, he is irresponsible, immature and can’t be trusted. What a pity that fate of whole world could be in his hands. Him and the rest of the ISIS (International Secret Intelligence Service) crew - push-over accountant Cyril, short-tempered Lana, oversexed Cheryl, unstable Pam, Mallory with shady deals and doctor Krieger, who is not a real doctor.

International Secret Intelligence Service is a secret agency dealing with different missions around the world, which could be awkward since their best man is Sterling Archer, codename Duchess, who drinks too much, chases women too much, is irresponsible, immature, while his mother is a head of the agency and jumpy ex-girlfriend is his partner in most dangerous assignments.

Animated series that offers the mixture of adventures with secret agents and the, let’s call it wide range, humour. The style of Archer is unusual - with fast pace, racy jokes and controversial themes from first contact it really is memorable experience. From weird characters, even weirder dark secrets behind them and various mission they get involved into it is hard to overlook this series.

Of course, as usual with long-running series, Archer took a blow while the creator Adam Reed was trying to revamp the show after season 4, then in season 5, later in season 6, again in season 7 and with the last nail in the coffin the complete revamp in season 8 with main character being in coma and dream of being private detective in 1930s. From great beginning to almost the bottom, but I’ll say it again Archer is a series that is hard to overlook.


  • Agency name ISIS (from International Secret Intelligence Service) was changed in 2014 for season six, due to the acronym's incidental association with the jihadist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which gained attention for its violent actions in the Middle East earlier that year.

Archer 2009 American animated sitcom animated sitcoms spy secret agent

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