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There were several comedy series that concentrated on government officials that make blunder of anything they touch - from Man from the Ministry to Twenty Twelve and from Yes Minister to Spin City. After Twenty Twelve and its spin-off entitled W1A any further approach to such theme would seem pointless and repetitive, right? Wrong! Wonderland created something far better that could have been expected.

Fictional Nation Building Authority is responsible for coordinating all the major infrastructure investment in Australia and preparing studies on which of those investments have any chance to be useful. Of course this is just theory, not far from reality, unless the government will actually get involved (which means will put pressure). In that case anything can happen - from renaming the drilling maching Armadrillo and organizing rides on it to building a tunnel that no one wants to be built.

Wonderland has unique style - we don’t actually see here officials who make some silly mistakes (like in Men from Ministry), they are not incompetent (like in Twenty Twelve) or just bureaucrat (like in Yest Minister). Here we have perfectly professional office, runned by perfectly professional Tony, with help from his assistants (Scott and Nat). But unfortunately they have to do what Prime Minister wants (through his proxy Jim) and what Prime Minister wants it always the same - quick fix that can be announce on the media. Unfortunately in NBA it takes years to build something or to plan something in right way. Also the PR people (similar to Twenty Twelve) have something to add to a chaos caused by politics and that’s where the comedy starts.

Although similar to few other series Wonderland (or Utopia as it is called in Australia) is very fresh and very enetertaining comedy series.


  • In Australia the series were broadcast under title Utopia.
  • Rob Sitch, one of the creators, also plays the main character of Tony and directed all of the episodes.

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