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Benidorm 2007 British sitcom

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British comedy series had sometimes quite strange concepts - Only When I Laugh was taking place pretty much in a single room throughout 4 series, Last of the Summer Wine was about elderly people looking for something interesting to do throughout 20 series, Red Dwarf was taking place after human kind ceased to exist throughout 10 series... Benidorm was another completely surprising idea - group of Britons spend their all inclusive holiday in hotel sitting next to pool or in karaoke bar. How can you stretch such idea to 10 series? Obviously you can...

Britons on holidays are not a pretty sight - they drink too much, they are pale, they eat strange food and are very noisy. You wouldn’t like to spend your vacations with them, not to mention watching a sitcom about them, right? Well, not in that case, because Benidorm is full of surprises.

First of all the relaxed atmosphere of being on vacation is really contagious - while the tourists deal with their problems it is usually with very little drama and often mixed with different stories, so you can just seat and enjoy the atmosphere. Another thing is the rotation of characters - some of them return for another holiday in the same hotel, some of them leave the Benidorm for good, but usually their problems are resolved throughout the series - they arrive in first episode and leave Spain in the last.

The humour was varying - some of the characters were very obvious and predictable, some of them were just on vacation and got into trouble because they had bad luck or were careless. Same story with the characters - some of them are quite obnoxious, some of them nice, but they all adapt to the sunny weather.

The concept for Benidorm wasn’t actually that original, there were Duty Free and Don’t Drink the Water in the past, but the approach to the holidays was completely different - while we usually don’t leave the hotel it is easier to get involved in the stories of the people. Of course with time the focus was shifted from the tourists to hotel staff, which was a bit of let down, because they are not that interesting characters, the stories themselves were less involving, but overall the atmosphere is still there after 10 years of being broadcast.


  • Series is filmed in Benidorm and tourists can visit places connected with the sitcom.

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