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Blackadder as sitcom set a new quality in British television - historical show that made fun of the British past wasn't that original (to recall Dad's Army or The Almost Complete History of Britain), but the level of humour and great characters made it a classic. But just like in The Life of Brian there was another show, who did not made it to the top, although it had all the components to be great - Chelmsford 123.

Roman Aulus Paulinus becomes new governor of Britain (yes, it was a punishment) and sets out to the province he heard so much about (but none of it good). When he arrives to Chelmsford (where he plans to set up his office as governor) he knows very little about local customs and local people, but meeting with local chieftain Badvoc is enough to realize that Romans are not exactly welcomed in the area. Badvoc constantly conspires to overpower the Romans and push them out of Britain, he doesn’t trust Romans and nothing gives him bigger pleasure than making fool of them. Which is lucky coincidence since Aulus Paulinus is exactly the right person he can make fool of.

Great British sitcom set in the times of ancient Rome in occupied Britain, where new governor of the province tries to set peace with the locals by dealing with their chief Badvoc. While the first series was good, but not great, the second one was on a level comparable with Blackadder - witty, funny, great chemistry and constant laughter. Unfortunately only two series were produced and with time they sort of disappeared from screens, which is a shame, because it is a great fun and definitely not show that should be forgotten.


  • Howard Lew Lewis, who played Blag in Chelmsford 123, is most widely know for roles in historic productions, such as Maid Marian and Her Merry Men or Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

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