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There were several sitcoms that dealt with uneasy or awkward situations - that's the basics of the comedy, but there are some themes that actually never worked in comedy. One of them is definitely a divorce, especially when there are children involved. But John Sullivan decided to take a look at that part of life when he wrote Dear John.

John Lacey, a teacher and father, one day finds his house empty and "dear John" note on the table. His wife has just left him for his best friend and to make it worse he has to leave their house and find himself some lodgings. After divorce he struggles to find a way to deal with the situation and learns about 1-2-1 club, where people in his situation can find help. He joins the group of people in similar situation and learns that divorce is as hard for other people as for him.

John Sullivan created some colourful characters for Dear John - frigid Kate, recluse Ralph, counsellor Louise obsessed with sex, Kirk who poses as a man of the world and a playboy. Learning their uneasy stories and their quirks is far more fun than it could have been expected - first few episodes of Dear John were simply marvellous and had potential for long run. Unfortunately after few episodes it seems that the idea for the show was falling short - the group was closed to just few people, the rare cases that people from outside were introduced did not worked well, at the beginning of second series the character of Kate was removed, the story was focused more on John and less on the group. All those things made second series a disaster.

Dear John British sitcom british sitcoms divorce counsellor

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