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How Do You Want Me? 1998 British sitcom

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Simon Nye created quite few sitcoms throughout his career, from great Men Behaving Badly, through unusual Is It Legal?? to a lost chance with Hardware. The one thing they all had in common was that... they were completely different. How Do You Want Me?? produced in 1998 and 1999 is hardly similar to any other of his sitcoms, but unfortunately in this case it wasn’t a good thing.

Stand-up comedian Ian Lyons leaves behind his life and career in London to move to small village of Snowle, the place where his newly-wed wife Lisa grew up and now works as a teacher in local school. For Ian the change of whole lifestyle was a shock, but it was even bigger shock to Lisa’s family, who honestly can’t stand Ian. Her father would prefer someone local for her husband, someone who is get used to rural life, someone who would get along with the local community. But Ian is determined to stay with Lisa and tries hard to adapt to the life in Snowle. Since he has no job he buys an old-fashioned photo studio despite the fact he knows very little about photography. While he struggles to make any money Lisa’s father does everything he can to push him out of her life.

While the sudden change of whole life style would have the potential for comedy How Do You Want Me?? struggles for identity. On surface it looks like conflict between Ian and his father-in-law, but beyond that it is a story about married couple trying to stay together, but also about not very responsible person trying to establish business even though he lacks basic knowledge, but also about rural life he tries to adapt to, but also about school... In general How Do You Want Me? is hard to describe, but even harder to get attached to the characters, the situations or the plots. While Simon Nye made few very good sitcoms How Do You Want Me? isn’t one of them - just like in case of Hardware it had potential, but seemed to be rushed and under-developed.


  • Charlotte Coleman, who played Lisa, died in 2001 as result of massive attack of bronchial asthma. She was only 33.

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