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Lab Rats 2008 British sitcom

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Since 1980s the comedy series started to look for new themes, one of which was of course the new generation of... unique young people known as the nerds. The revolution started with computers led to such shows as Dweebs, IT Crowd or lately Silicon Valley and Big Bang Theory. Lab Rats, similiar in concept and atmosphere was showing a different world - the world of scientists working on ground-breaking experiments... Well, working anyway.

Lab Rats, written by Chris Addison, known mostly from The Thick of It and his stand-up comedy, and Carl Cooper was rather unusual sitcom, especially in 2008. The idea was devised from previous cooperation of Addison and Cooper, two radio shows pretending to be lectures - one called Ape That Got Lucky and the other Civilization. Both were mixture of short (and cleverly written) sketches linked with the introductions presented by Chris Addison.

Lab Rats used some of the jokes from both shows, but also the same cast - Chris Addison, Geoffrey McGivern as Professor, Dan Tetsell and Jo Enright here played his co-workers on university lab. Just like in case of radio show Lab Rats had some clever jokes and rather wacky humour, which actully worked perfectly. Unfortunately in 2008 audience obviously wanted something different and series was cut short after only one season, which was a shame since the show was so completely different from other British productions from the same time (like Peep Show, Catherine Tate Show 2004 comedy series' title='Catherine Tate Show 2004 comedy series' target=_blank>Catherine Tate Show, or Little Britain). Lab Rats had, similiar to f.e. IT Crowd, or later tlc, the light atmosphere and fresh approach to comedy.


Lab Rats 2008 British sitcom british sitcoms university lab scientists

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