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Miranda Hart is one of those comedians that are easily remembered even if they just show up on the screen. Of course her height helps (she is 6 ft 1in = 1.85 m), but even when she played minor parts in different sitcoms she was easily recognized.

Among the productions in which she took parts are Hyperdrive (sci fi sitcom, where she played officer on a spaceship), Not Going Out (sitcom in which she played supporting part of cleaner), Monday Monday (comedy-drama), Vicar of Dibley (sitcom, guest appearance), Nighty Night (sitcom), Smack the Pony (sketch based show). But what started her big career was actually a radio show Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop that she started in 2008. Episodes based on mishaps from her own life gain popularity and in 2009 was turned into TV series called Miranda.

The idea is rather simple - Miranda Hart plays exaggerated version of herself - young woman, who is clumsy, childish and constantly gets into embarrassing situations. She is tormented by her mother, who keeps trying to find her a husband, which is a full time job, Miranda is insanely in love with her friend Gary, who runs a restaurant next door. Doesn’t sound like much idea for the show - it was all done before, but if you haven’t seen it done by Miranda Hart you haven’t seen it at all.

First of all the show is just like the main character - childish, quirky, immature and... a lot of fun. Miranda breaks the fourth wall and often speaks straight to the viewers, shows her unusual life and unusual approach to life. Sarah Hadland as her best friend and Patricia Hodge as her mother make the full set of great characters.

If you expect intelligent and subtle humour you will be disappointed, if you expect lots of single-liners you also will be disappointed - Miranda is all about atmosphere and fun.


  • The show was based on the previous Miranda Hart project - BBC Radio 2 Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop.
  • Although sometimes described as semi-autobiographical, according to Miranda Hart, she plays a goofy, clumsy version of herself, but the episodes were not based on her real misadventures, rather inspired by her own experiences.
  • The set for Miranda’s shop was previously used in sitcom Absolutely Fabulous as Edina’s kitchen.

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