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Its not often that British sitcom takes the American approach to comedy and is created in same manner as in United States. Even "My Family", created by American Fred Barron, was still close to other British productions. But Not Going Out is a completely different matter.

Comedian Lee Mack plays pretty much himself in a comedy series that is based in London and tells the stories from life of a man without any ambition or any point in life - he lives from day to day in a flat together with attractive woman (first American, later British one).

Sounds not much different from other British productions, right? Actually wrong, because Not Going Out is in many ways similiar to American production with humour based mostly on situations and not characters. The plots are simple, dialogues filled with simple and far too many one-liners that often just dont work. Of course there are some good points, some good episodes, but overall it is very basic level of comedy - putting together some old jokes, some new jokes and create whole dialogues on them is a bit too much.

Also, unfortunately for many foreigners, Lee Mack has strong northern accent (not to mention the poor diction), and often it is really hard to understand him. Its situation similiar to Victoria Woods sitcom Dinnerladies, where strong northern accent (combined with lack of subtitles) make the series almost useless for people not used to that accent.


  • A pilot episode was filmed with Catherine Tate as the landlady, but it was never broadcasted.
  • Tim was originally intended to be a biker with a stubby beard, but was deemed too scary to be the accountant posh lad.

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