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Peep Show 2003-2015 British sitcom

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Two young men - boring Mark and aspiring musician Jeremy - share a flat in London. They have not much in common... apart from the unusual talent for putting themselves in embarrassing situation. And when I say embarrassing I don’t mean our every day embarrassing - when they screw up it is always a big time!

Mark is responsible, reliable and extremely boring office worker in insurance company. Hopelessly in love with his co-worker Sophie he finds it hard to do something about it. His flatmate and best friend Jeremy is an unsuccessful musician, who with shady companion Super Hans, is struggling to cope with getting a job. The problem is he doesn’t really want to have a job and is not so keen to do something about his music either. What they have in common? They both have great talents for putting themselves in embarrassing situations. Like? Like peeing in a church, like having a party in a flat with no toilet doors, like meeting with German owner of the company wearing Hitler-like moustache, like pretending to be a history student in another town to meet again a girl that seemed nice or like sleeping with a tutor on a course and be the only one that did not passed.

Peep Show offered a lot of... let’s say unconventional humour that was absent in "mainstream" sitcoms, but mostly based on the mishaps of the the misfits Jeremy and Mark, who even if try to do the right thing it always ends up badly for them. It’s just like The Worst Week of My Life that keeps happening week after week, after week... But even though the plots were usually rather simple and there were not much things going on in the episodes it was fun to watch.


  • There are only handful of scenes in which we look not through the eyes of the character.
  • Super Hans was originally written with Danny Dyer in mind.

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