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Room Service 1979 British sitcom

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Jimmy Perry is most remembered for his work on such hit comedy series as Dadís Army, It Ainít Half Hot Mum, You Rang, MíLord? and Hi-de-Hi! that he wrote together with David Croft, but not many people remember that Perry did tried to make some sitcoms on his own and Room Service was one of them.

Not many people recall 1979 sitcom Room Service created by Jimmy Perry, mostly because comparing to his other works, it was from completely different galaxy. While Perry was working with David Croft the strong point of their productions were always great characters and wonderful writing, but with Room Service is completely different matter.

As it is easy to figure out the sitcom takes place in a hotel, which gives a lot of chances to creaty comic moments, but instead of telling the story of whole hotel Perry decided to focus on the small group of staff (room service) that works somewhere in the basement of the building and takes care of special orders from customers. This decision alone made the plots rather limited to only dealing with simple deliveries.

But the main problem with Room Service was somewhere else - Perry seemed to forget the golden rule that made all his previous comedy series so great - there has to be interesting conflict between characters. In It Ainít Half Hot Mum Sergeant-Major Williams was constantly harassing the concert party, in You Rang, MíLord? there were several conflicts, like between Stokes and Twelvetrees, Henry and Mrs. Lipton, Mabel and Mrs. Lipton, not to mention Lord Meldrum and his brother. They all created interesting interactions, but in Room Service the characters were not up to par, the writing was rather poor and there were no interactions.

Itís not surprise that Room Service lasted only one season. Some people even say that it could be one of the worst British sitcoms in history, but I think itís a bit much - the series was poor, but still watchable.


  • In pilot episode the part of Charles Spooner was played by Derek Newark.
  • Room Service was a rare example of sitcom that was written single-handedly by Jimmy Perry, who usually co-worked with other writers, most famously with David Croft.

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