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There are few themes that are hardly the laughing matter, like someone’s death, illness, being broke or having the personal crisis. Yet comedy series managed to deal with all those themes without actually crossing the boundries. Death? Getting on (British or American version). Illness? Only When I Laugh or Scrubs. Personal crisis? The Fall and Raise of Reginald Perrin for example. Being broke? Oh, this list would be too long - from Steptoe and Son to Married with Children and many more. The Job Lot is another example of trying to make comedy of something that on first glance seem hard to achieve - unemployment.

The job centres has very negative image in every country - people associate them with sadness, frustration, being desperate, bureaucracy, heartless clerks, etc. But writing team Claire Downes, Stuart Lane and Ian Jarvis tried to create a sitcom that shows the other side of the counter - not the unemployed are in the spotlight, but the staff of one of those job centres in the fictitious town of Brownall in Britain.

Of course we see the unemployed and sometimes not the best ways the clerks are dealing with them, but in surprising way the outlook of the series is rather pleasant. The main character is the manager of the centre, Trish, who dedicates her whole life to her work... especially since after the divorce she has nothing waiting for her outside of the office. Her employees show different approaches to their jobs - from almost totally careless and reluctant to get involved Karl to cold and reluctant to get involved Angela. Trish tries her best to get them all work as best as they can, but this is a very hard job.

The other side is shown as can be expected - helpless people who are trying to get their matters dealt with, but usually very little help can be offered them. But there are few characters that are simply unemployable and are frequent guests in the centre. Strangely enough all of it is kept in rather positive atmosphere and there is no surprise the series was renewed for 3rd series.


  • During filming episode 1 actor Tony Maudsley, playing Graham, was stung by some insect in they eyelid. The eyelid have swollen and for part of the episode he had to hide part of his face during filming.

The Job Lot British sitcom british sitcoms job center unemployed manager office

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