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Then Churchill Said to Me 1982 British sitcom

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Up Pompeii was a sitcom that placed Frankie Howerd in the spotlight - with scripts by Talbot Rothwell, unique formula (breaking the fourth wall) and dialogues full of innuendoes it was a perfect setting for Howerd, whose stand up routines as well as film appearances were very close the character he was playing in Up Pompeii. Later Whoops Baghdad was almost exact copy of Up Pompeii, but set in the Middle East, but in early 1980s Howerd was given another series, Then Churchill Said to Me, as it turned out the last in his career.

Percy Potts is a batman (valet to the officer, not the one with cape and deep voice) in one of the most important places in United Kingdom. While World War 2 was raging he was keeping busy in the bunker somewhere in London, from which Winston Churchill was keeping the Great Britain safe. Service in headquarters of the British prime minister would be a privilege, but for P. Potts it is just a job. Well, just a job that he should be doing, but he prefers to stay away from anything heroic, tiring or complicated. He is quite happy to just survive and make some money selling the cigar butts that were left by prime minister.

The formula for Then Churchill Said to Me was very similar to Up Pompeii and Whoops Baghdad - again Howerd could speak to the audience while breaking the fourth wall, he could present the views of lower class man accidentally stuck near the great politics and make some simple jokes. Unfortunately without talent of Talbot Rothwell the scripts were not very impressive, the characters surrounding Potts were just a background and since the main character had very little to offer the series was destined to fail. Howerd did his best, reused his old routines, tried to keep the atmosphere, but unfortunately there was no potential in the story of P. Potts and the bunker.


  • While Then Churchill Said to Me was filmed in 1982 the episodes were broadcast after Howerd’s death in 1992 due to Falklands War. Since the sitcom was about the war and British soldiers were in danger in real war it was decided to shelf the series for later time.

Then Churchill Said to Me 1982 British sitcom british sitcoms world war 2 Winston Churchill

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