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Sunnyvale Trailer Park is the place where trio of friends have grew up and now, in their 30s they constantly try to find a way to get rich quick. Two ex-convicts, temperamental Ricky and street-smart Julian, plus Bubbles, who looks like village idiot, but in fact is the smartest one of them - this crack team of petty criminals is about to hit big.

Trailer Park Boys is filmed in the style of mockumentary, where filming crew follows the three friends as they plan their next crime, they execute their plans and the plans fall down on their face, while usually Julian and Ricky end up in prison again. But they are not even close of being the weirdest residents in Sunnyvale - there is a former policeman, now devoted alcoholic Jim Leahy, who is the supervisor, his deputy is Randy, a man that no shirt could cover, J-Roc, the rapper from trailer park ghetto... The place is full of people that are very hard to forget.

What they all have in common is the Sunnyvale - place that drains any hope from your minds and give you alcohol or marijuana to forget it all. Trailer Park Boys is comedy series that is hard to easily describe - just like other Canadian production Corner Gas or the American classic Northern Exposure the misadventures of Sunnyvale residents is a state of mind. Series builds the atmosphere and the unique style of the place instead of offering simple jokes. On one hand it is good, you can just sit and enjoy the swearing filled dialogues, the idiocy of the crime plans, the people slowly sinking into Sunnyvale, but on the other hand if getting drunk, getting high or listen to people yelling at each other is not your thing Trailer Park Boys might not be for you.


  • Most of the episode titles are lines said by either Ricky or Jim Lahey in the episode.

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