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Stanislaw Bareja was one of the most famous Polish comedy writers, author of several now cult comedies that made fun of the communist system and displayed all the insane visions of society behind it. Of course for foreigners it could be hard to grasp the basic idea how it is to live in communist country, but Bareja was able to find the funny side of not so funny reality he was forced to live in.

The main point is quite easy to understand - in 4 Alternative Street Bareja showed the communist society using the residents of newly built building. We have here all kinds of people - an inventor, professor of the law, building worker, doctor, teacher, politician, artist, shady character that broke the law in the past, elderly people... And just like in the communist system the super, who was suppose to serve them, instead of providing services tries to force them into fulfil all the work he does not want to do himself. He uses the blackmail, the fear, tries to turn people against each other, all with only one purpose - to be their leader and control their lives.

Of course for someone who never lived in communist system it might be hard to understand why the people needed special coupons to buy alcohol or meat, why was it illegal to sub-lent the apartment, why would people wait for 15-20 years to get the flat of their own, why people would stand in long lines to buy basic products like eggs or toilet paper and after buying only few they had to stand again at the end of the line. But that is why it was so easy for Bareja to make fun of the system - because the system was in so many ways faulty and pretty much idiotic.

Bareja made several comedies and few comedy series (apart from 4 Alternative Street / Alternatywy 4 and Drivers 1986 comedy series' title='Shift Drivers 1986 comedy series' target=_blank>Shift Drivers / Zmiennicy he also was involved in early comedy series Barbara and John / Barbara i Jan starring brilliant Jan Kobuszewski) that are still as popular as at the times they were made.


  • In 2007 there was a unsuccessful approach to make a sequel called 5 Dilemma Street (Dylematu 5), but it was cancelled after just 2 episodes due to poor reception from the viewers and critics.

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