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Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully radio comedy

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One of the explanations behind the theory that American government hides the fact that aliens have landed on our planet is that people are not ready for the information that there are other life forms in the universe so mass panic would just burst and put the whole into planet. Of course the explanation is completely bogus - there are no things that would put the WHOLE planet into chaos or standstill. Need a proof? Take Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully as a guide book.

The residents of Cresdon Green, a village somewhere in Buckinghamshire, woke up one day to discover that their beautiful settlement has been invaded by the aliens. Yes, aliens from another planet. No, they didn’t invaded the Earth. Not yet anyway, Cresdon Green is their proving ground - Commander Uljabaan and his soldiers have taken over the village to learn about human kind and prepare for the full scale invasion in the future. But to make sure no one would interfere with their observations they blocked Cresdon Green from rest of the world and made people outside forget about this place. What the villagers did? They didn’t panic, that’s for sure, they rather... accepted it... with a bit of sneer. All but two brave women, typical teenager Lucy Alexander and disgruntled Katrina Lyons - those two have formed the resistance force to... Well, so far there are two of them, so they did not made much plans for the future. They do all they can to get in the way of Uljabaan’s plans.

British radio comedy series set in small village that was taken over by the alien race, but the villagers didn’t make much fuss about it - they just live their lives as they did before. The clash between typical British approach to something sudden (pretending that it isn’t there) and the alien observations about human kind was a brilliant idea for the sitcom. At least for a start - with time the formula was losing the momentum and since the village was blocked from outside world there was no chance to introduce new characters, so Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully has ended after 11 episodes, which sounds like not much, but in fact it was a rather good production with well developed characters and interesting plots.


Welcome to Our Village, Please Invade Carefully radio comedy radio comedy series alien sci-fi comedy

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