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All Gas and Gaiters 1967-1971 British classic sitcom

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There were quite few sitcoms that used unlikely themes as the basis for humour, but decision to make a bishop the main character for sitcom in All Gas and Gaiters was rather revolutionary. First of all the world of a bishop is rather limited - there are only few people in his environment, there are certain topics that can't be used in the humour (he is a priest after all), there are certain templates that can't be used. Yet in case of All Gas and Gaiters Edwin Apps and Pauline Devaney managed to avoid all the traps and make a really entertaining sitcom out of idea that seemed unsuitable for comedy.

Then Churchill Said to Me 1982 British sitcom

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Up Pompeii was a sitcom that placed Frankie Howerd in the spotlight - with scripts by Talbot Rothwell, unique formula (breaking the fourth wall) and dialogues full of innuendoes it was a perfect setting for Howerd, whose stand up routines as well as film appearances were very close the character he was playing in Up Pompeii. Later Whoops Baghdad was almost exact copy of Up Pompeii, but set in the Middle East, but in early 1980s Howerd was given another series, Then Churchill Said to Me, as it turned out the last in his career.

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