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Wonderland - Australian gem of comedy

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There were several comedy series that concentrated on government officials that make blunder of anything they touch - from Man from the Ministry to Twenty Twelve and from Yes Minister to Spin City. After Twenty Twelve and its spin-off entitled W1A any further approach to such theme would seem pointless and repetitive, right? Wrong! Wonderland created something far better that could have been expected.

The Job Lot British sitcom

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There are few themes that are hardly the laughing matter, like someone’s death, illness, being broke or having the personal crisis. Yet comedy series managed to deal with all those themes without actually crossing the boundries. Death? Getting on (British or American version). Illness? Only When I Laugh or Scrubs. Personal crisis? The Fall and Raise of Reginald Perrin for example. Being broke? Oh, this list would be too long - from Steptoe and Son to Married with Children and many more. The Job Lot is another example of trying to make comedy of something that on first glance seem hard to achieve - unemployment.

NewsRadio the ill-fated American sitcom

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There were few comedy series that gave the opportunity to take a look what is going on behind the media that we know - television, radio, newspapers. NewsRadio was created by Paul Simms, who previously worked as author for Late Night with David Letterman, which gave him the insight into the media and sitcom The Larry Sanders Show (which was sort of parody of David Letterman).

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