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Bruiser 2000 British sketch show

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After writing for Armstrong & Miller comic duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb moved on to new project called Bruiser. Sketch show written by Mitchell and Webb, with help from several other writers, and with promising actors in the cast - Olivia Colman, Matt Holness, Martin Freeman and Charlotte Hudson.

That Mitchell and Webb Look sketch show

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The first solo project of comedians Robert Webb and David Mitchell, The Mitchell and Webb Situation, which they wrote themselves and played most of the parts, was more or less a failure. It showed their style, it showed their potential, but failed miserably on the content - most of the sketches seemed under-developed or simply unfinished. Fortunately they moved to the radio to work on their next project, which save their careers.

The Mitchell and Webb Situation 2001 sketch show

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Comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb gained most notoriety by taking part in Peep Show, an unusual sitcom about two misfits, who try to cope with the world, but their careers have started few years earlier, when they were writers for different shows, including Armstrong and Miller, Bruiser and Big Train. The Mitchell and Webb Situation was suppose to be their big break - first solo project. Unfortunately it failed miserably.

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