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The first solo project of comedians Robert Webb and David Mitchell, The Mitchell and Webb Situation, which they wrote themselves and played most of the parts, was more or less a failure. It showed their style, it showed their potential, but failed miserably on the content - most of the sketches seemed under-developed or simply unfinished. Fortunately they moved to the radio to work on their next project, which save their careers.

That Mitchell and Webb Sound was their new show on BBC Radio 4, in which again they played most of the parts and were writers for the show, but most importantly they were supported by large group of writers that contributed to the scripts. In 2006 the TV adaptation of that show, called That Mitchell and Webb Look, premiered on BBC and was an instant hit. Well written sketches, well performed by the cast that already was familiar with each other (like Olivia Coleman, James Bachman or Sarah Hadland, who took part in the radio show), and what is most important the shows kept the same level, which was a huge problem in The Mitchell and Webb Situation.

Of course That Mitchell and Webb Look had some weak points, like series of Numberwang sketches that were funny first time and later only dragged on, or The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar that started fresh, but quickly became a nuisance, but overall even the recurring sketches were very good, while the material was fresh and covered a wide range of topics.

With original style and fresh material That Mitchell and Webb Look was instant hit and was nominated for 4 BAFTA Awards (although won only one in 2007 Best Comedy Programme or Series). It was the best sketch show since Fast Show and that says a lot.


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