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The Mitchell and Webb Situation 2001 sketch show

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Comedy duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb gained most notoriety by taking part in Peep Show, an unusual sitcom about two misfits, who try to cope with the world, but their careers have started few years earlier, when they were writers for different shows, including Armstrong and Miller, Bruiser and Big Train. The Mitchell and Webb Situation was suppose to be their big break - first solo project. Unfortunately it failed miserably.

The Mitchell and Webb Situation was suppose to be the big break for David Mitchell and Robert Webb, their first solo project that involved them as both authors and actors. Unfortunately it seems that involvement in other productions that were also far from mainstream comedy, pushed the creators towards the awkward situations shows rather than jokes. We have here wide range of characters (very few of them are recurring characters), but most of them are over-simplified - we have inept writers, who try to come up with a story or design only to learn it was already invented, we farmer convinced he has it made since he is a farmer, we have uptight person, who tries to avoid, in his view, awkward situations, we have stage actor, who fails every time... And the funny thing is that I did not just summarized the sketches - those are the sketches.

Most of them are under developed, some seems unfinished or rushed, the situations are mildly interesting. There were better moments - posh people describing the violent situations that almost broke out were funny - but for each better sketch there were several that were very poor. Overall a forgettable show that lasted only one season and thank god Mitchell and Webb learned a lesson from The Mitchell and Webb Situation so their next shows were better.


  • The whole show was filmed in just 15 days.

The Mitchell and Webb Situation 2001 sketch show sketch shows sketch awkward

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