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Five characters you’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

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Have you ever wondered how many sitcoms are produced every year? About a hounded. Not all of them get a full season, some of them don’t get beyond the pilot episode, some of them materialize for only few weeks and disappear in the archives of TV. Have you ever wondered how many characters would it take to fill all those sitcoms? Five.

I know it sounds silly, it seems like a lot of work to develop a sitcom - you need places, you need characters, you need dialogues... But does it really?

When you think about it sitcoms usually take place in someone’s house or in place where the main characters work. The second location is a diner, bar or restaurant where they hang out. And that pretty much covers the locations.

But what about the characters? You need some great and original characters to make a good sitcom... But does it really? What if I tell that you’ve been watching the same five characters in all your favourite sitcoms? Read for yourself - it takes only 5 characters to make any sitcom!


  • The family sitcoms are the only subgenre of comedy series that do not have the same 5 characters, because... usually they have only 4.

Five characters you’ve been watching for years, but never realized it tv sitcoms sitcoms american sitcoms

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You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

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You’ve been watching for years, but never realized it

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