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The Wackers 1975 British sitcom

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Many things can be said about Vince Powell, but certainly not that he avoided controversial topics in his sitcoms. Let’s see: George and the Dragon (mother-in-law jokes), Never Mind the Quality Feel the Width (religion), Love Thy Neighbour (race), Odd Man Out (gay character), Mind Your Language (foreigners) or Never the Twain (two nasty old men). The Wackers seemed to be rather typical sitcom of the era - story about Liverpool family living is typical small house, yet he managed to put another touchy subject in that simple sitcom.

Billy Clarkson is about to return from his job aboard merchant ship that he had to take quite unexpectedly two years ago. That’s the version his wife, Mary, was telling everyone, but most of the people were not fooled by the story - Billy was always lazy and he got seasick even standing on the pier. In reality he was spending last 2 years in Her Majesty Prison in Liverpool for stealing and soon will be released. But things have changed outside - his kids are older, his wife is angry that she had to take care of them on her own when he was inside, even the local pub have changed the owner to a Everton fan. To make things worse Billy now has to find a job to support his family...

The concept of The Wackers was hardly original, similar to later Bread, Going Straight or Till Death Us Do Part, but even during premiere run it was heavily criticized for strong language and controversial depiction of typical Scouse family. With years it hardly gained any value, quite the opposite - while in 1975 it was just average sitcom, with time it sunk a bit lower. It wasn’t that bad comedy series, but it seemed to gain too much bad publicity during premiere run and never recovered. Not that it was a great loss for comedy, just a simple fact.


  • Vince Powell lived in Liverpool for some years and used a lot of his experience while building the local feeling about The Wackers.

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